Munch & Move

Toddler holding a leaf

The Munch & Move program is a NSW Health initiative that helps to support the healthy development of children 0 to 5 years attending early childhood education and care services. The program supports early childhood educators to increase physical activity and healthy eating and reduce screen time for children in care by providing a fun, play-based approach to healthy eating and physical activity habits in the early years.

The program offers training and support to educators and provides helpful information for families to extend active play and healthy eating at home. By working together educators and families can ensure that children are provided with the healthiest start to life and build the foundations for a positive transition to school. 

Online training is available for educators to become trained in the program. 

Local health promotion officers provide support to educators to embed the program into their service through:

  • providing professional development training for educators working in early childhood education and care services
  • working with services to create a whole-of-service approach to healthy eating and physical activity 
  • assisting with nutrition, physical activity and screen-time policies for centres
  • providing practical resources, advice and support
  • providing health information that can be shared with families and supporting the collaborative care for children. 

The Munch & Move program promotes children’s healthy eating, active play and encourages limiting small-screen recreation through 6 health promotion key messages:

  • encourage and support breastfeeding
  • choose water as a drink
  • eat fruit and vegetables
  • choose healthier snacks
  • get active each day
  • turn off the screen and get active.

The program can help educators and families to make small changes every day that help children’s health and wellbeing. There are a number of resources available to your family. Ask your educator for some ideas that you can try at home too. 

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