Smoking and eCigarette (Vaping) Cessation Support

Quitting smoking usually takes more than just willpower. Evidence shows that having help from supportive services greatly increases your chances of staying quit. Supportive services can be in many forms:

  • Quitline (13 7848)
    • You can access the NSW Quitline by calling 13 7848.
    • The NSW Quitline is a free and confidential telephone information and counselling service that provides customised assistance to help you quit smoking or vaping.
    • Quitline has a dedicated Aboriginal Quitline service run by Aboriginal counsellors.
    • There are also Quitline counsellors available who speak Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin.
    • The cost of your call is the same as a local call from a landline, with higher costs for a mobile phone. Once you have contacted the NSW Quitline, there is an option to request an automatic return call which is free. You can also request a call back online via the iCanQuit website or by filling out a Quitline referral.
  • My QuitBuddy App
    • My QuiteBuddy is an interactive app that helps you get, and stay, smoke-free by providing helpful tips and distractions to overcome cravings, and tracking systems to chart your progress and the facts to help you understand the impact smoking has on your health.
    • MyQuitBuddy can be customised to suit whatever stage you’re at on your quit journey, whether you’re thinking about quitting, working up to your quit date or ready to quit now. 
    • The MyQuitBuddy app is free to download and use, and available on either the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft.
  • A General Practitioner (GP)
    • Your GP, or any General Practitioner can provide you with ongoing support during your quit journey, as well as a provide a script for nicotine patches, which will provide them at a subsidised cost under the PBS:
      • Medicare Card = no more than $30
      • Concession Card = no more than $7.80
      • Closing the Gap/Medicare Card = no more than $7.30
      • Closing the Gap/Concession Card = $0.00 (FREE).

If you would like further information on Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), including information and videos on the different types available and how to use them, as well as requirements of accessing PBS supported nicotine patches you can find this information here.

There is lots of great supportive information on iCanQuit.

If you would like to get in contact with a member of the Health Promotion Team, please email

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