Healthy pregnancy

Pregnant woman chopping vegatables

Finding out that you are expecting a baby is a joyous moment in life. Knowing that you are giving your baby the healthiest start is often the first thing many parents think about. The Get Healthy in Pregnancy program helps to support women to stay healthy and well throughout their pregnancy. 

Eating well and being active can help you to:

  • feel less stressed and anxious
  • have a shorter and easier labour
  • sleep better 
  • feel more energised
  • have fewer pregnancy related symptoms including nausea, heartburn and backpain 
  • return to your pre-pregnancy weight and fitness.

Healthy eating is important during pregnancy for both mum and baby. Having a good range of foods that offer a variety of nutrients can help to ensure you are getting all that you need to support a healthy pregnancy, birth and recovery.

Get support and access to resources to stay healthy and well throughout your pregnancy. 

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