Student placements, work experience and volunteers

Mid North Coast Local Health District welcomes student placements from future health workers at universities and high schools around our district.

We acknowledge the importance of providing practical clinical experience for our future health professionals who want to fulfil their career goals.

We offer “student placement” opportunities as we have agreements with many tertiary institutions in a range of disciplines to enable undergraduate students to gain supervised clinical experience within our facilities to further develop hands on knowledge and experience.

As the placement process is quite complex, education providers are responsible for booking and managing placements on a student’s behalf. Student Placement Central provides further information and compliance requirements for student placements across NSW Health.

A week of work experience with staff at one of our facilities can give high school students a taste of what it’s like to work in health. This will provide entry-level opportunities for high school students into our health district.

All placements need to be negotiated by high schools, and will be accepted at the discretion of the relevant site/facility manager.

In partnership with the NSW Department of Industry’s Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Program (EDAEP), school-based traineeships are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 10-12.

Eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will be invited to apply for a school based traineeship, which provides:

  • part-time employment (1 day a week released from school) at a local health facility
  • entry into a Certificate III vocational qualification with NSW TAFE
  • on-the-job support and mentoring, and
  • increased casual employment opportunities post completion.

All school-based traineeships will be accepted at the discretion of the relevant site/facility manager.

Our hospitals and community health centres, our staff, our patients and their families rely on volunteers who help out in countless ways – from reading to youngsters in hospital to helping out in hydrotherapy facilities.

As a volunteer, you’ll be an integral part of our future and the future wellbeing of our patients.

Find out how to become a volunteer with Mid North Coast Local Health District.

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