Benefits of working with us

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The Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) provides you with excellent career choices and many rewarding experiences.

We don’t just offer jobs, we offer the opportunity to excel in your chosen field while enjoying a work life balance, because we know that makes a difference for our team members.

With a culture of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment we support flexible work practices whilst offering an interesting work environment and an opportunity to make a positive impact on the delivery and future of rural health.

Visit NSW Health to find positions that are currently being advertised.

To apply for a position with the MNCLHD visit the Join our team page.

Leave entitlements 

We offer attractive maternity, adoption and parental leave options for team members who have completed 40 weeks of continuous service within NSW Health. This includes 14 weeks paid maternity leave and one week paid parental leave with up to 51 weeks of unpaid parental leave also available to the other parent.

Paid and unpaid adoption leave provisions are also available to all full-time and part-time employees who are adopting a child and are to be the primary care giver.

Payments may be made, on a normal fortnightly basis, in advance in a lump sum, or at the rate of half pay over 28 weeks for maternity and adoption leave or two weeks for parental leave.

If you’re a full-time employee and work 40 hours a week then you can take a day a month as a paid ADO. You can accumulate up to three ADOs at a time.

FACS leave is available for a range of personal reasons encompassing family responsibilities, performance of community service or cases of pressing necessity.

All nurses and midwives employed in NSW Health have the option to apply to participate in a Career Break Scheme.

The Scheme allows employees to defer twenty per cent of their net salary for four years and be paid this deferred salary with interest earned in the fifth year.

Employees approved to participate in the Scheme may take a break of one year away from their position covered by the Award – the deferred salary leave year.

This one-year absence may be for professional and personal development, such as participation in other industry experience; post graduate study; working in overseas health systems; or for other activities, including those of a non-professional nature unrelated to the practice of nursing and midwifery.

We’re committed to recruiting and retaining quality staff. Orientation and induction are the first steps in building a mutually beneficial relationship with our new team members.

To support our new starters in their new role we’ve developed a comprehensive orientation and induction program for all staff, consisting of face-to-face orientation, induction checklists and mandatory training.

Orientation Program

The Orientation Program has been developed to:

  • welcome new employees and to assist them to quickly integrate into the organisation, feel a sense of belonging, and to support them to be effective employees; and
  • provide a consistent approach to orientation and mandatory training to meet the requirements of NSW Health policies and directives and contribute to a supportive work environment.


Induction allows new starters to familiarise themselves with their workplace, role and responsibilities. As a new starter, you can expect to receive site induction and position induction on your first day.

The site induction will introduce the work environment and is focused on pre-commencement and first-week tasks.

The position induction occurs where individual job roles require specific position induction information. A separate position induction may be undertaken for specific professions or disciplines.

Development and recognition  

We have a performance appraisal system in place to ensure that everyone in the workplace is clear on what is expected of them. It’s a great way to ensure our team members know what they are tasked and how they are progressing.

The system includes the setting of goals, development to support achievement of goals and regular feedback on work performance. The focus is on helping the team to achieve their full potential and continue on the rewarding path of making a difference.

Our people are the very heart of our organisation and we passionately believe that the growth and development of each individual is fundamental to our organisation.

Our aim is to improve our organisation’s capability to operate as an integrated and productive organisation, where levels of team motivation and engagement are high.

We do this by providing a range of development activities that enable staff to learn the skills relevant to their current role and develop skills and abilities that will equip them for their career advancement.

There are a range of profession specific development programs including nursing, medical and allied health that are run throughout the year.

We are also committed to developing our leaders and managers and offer a wide range of programs that increase their knowledge and skills.

Additionally, as a team member you will be supported to undertake a range of role specific mandatory training programs to ensure you are skilled to undertake your role and provide quality and safe services to our community.

Our impressive performance in making a difference has been achieved through the passionate commitment, outstanding achievements and hard work of our team.

We value and celebrate the achievements and performance of our team through the District’s Recognition and Reward Framework. We have five (5) key formal recognition awards including:

MNCLHD Health Innovation Awards

The MNCLHD Health Innovation Awards are an annual internal forum/awards process that offers teams/staff the opportunity to showcase their quality projects.

Category winners are given the opportunity to enter the NSW Health Innovation Awards as well as other NSW government award processes.

Staff Continuous Service Awards

Each year we recognise team members with 10 or more years’ continuous service us.

In addition to these more formal activities we’re committed to ensuring staff are recognised and rewarded locally. These local activities have the opportunity to be more immediate, thereby quickly reinforcing desired performance and behaviours.

Local recognition and reward activities should be a part of regular team activities, a way to acknowledge people’s contributions and celebrate their success.

Other ways we make a difference 

All public health team members can reduce their taxable income resulting in more take home pay. You’ll have the option to elect to receive part of your pay through salary packaging. Salary packaging works by reducing your gross salary by the cost of the benefit provided (which includes your share of the tax savings and the administration fee).

Salary packaging can be used for a variety of living expenses such as mortgage repayments, residential rent payments, credit card payments, school fees etc.

If eligible, you can have your super paid into a complying super fund or retirement saving account (RSA).

The difference is that you have the freedom to choose your own superannuation scheme or alternatively, if you don’t make a specific election, an account will be set up for you with First State Super.

We can make a difference to your entire family.

Permanent team members and their immediate family members are eligible to participate in Fitness Passport which gives you access to multiple gyms and pools in the area for less than the cost of membership for just one gym or pool.

A Fitness Passport means you’re not locked into just one facility but have access to all the member facilities as part of your contract – and prices are generally cheaper than a standard gym membership at one facility.

Check current prices and find out more about the facilities at MNCLHD Fitness Passport.


MNCLHD established the Research and Knowledge Translation Unit in 2013.  The unit provides a central point of contact to develop and support research and knowledge translation within the MNCLHD.

The MNCLHD Governing Board and Chief Executive are keen to promote and foster a culture of research on the MNC. Research will benefit our local area through the attraction, recruitment and retention of highly skilled clinicians with an interest in research and develop projects that are specific and will benefit our community and healthcare system.

Visit our Research Hub to find out more.

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