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Out of Home Care (OOHC) Health Pathway Program

The OOHC Health Pathway Program provides coordinated assessments and intervention for children and young people entering statutory OOHC who are expected to remain in care for longer than 90 days.  

OOHC supports early identification of health and wellbeing issues for children and young people in OOHC and priority access to health services.  The program also supports young people aged 15-17 years to develop health literacy and establish connections with a health provider supporting them towards independence in preparation for leaving care.

The OOHC Health Pathway Coordinator is responsible for health care coordination and the OOHC Health Pathway facilitates collaboration with foster carers, children and young people, health professionals, Department of Communities and Justice and OOHC service providers.

Referrals to the OOHC Health Pathway Program are only able to be made by: 

  • Departments of Communities and Justice (DCJ)
  • Non– government organisation’s (NGO) providing OoHC case management (in consultation with DCJ).

Children and young people who entered care before July 2010 prior to the commencement of the program are eligible to be referred, especially when the young person has complex health care needs and could benefit from OoHC Health Pathway Support – for further information contact the District OOHC Coordinator.  

Out of Home Care Health Pathway Program


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