Mid North Coast New Street service

New Street services provide counselling for children and young people aged 10 to 17 years who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviours towards others. New Street services work with the young person and their families and caregivers to help them understand, acknowledge, take responsibility for and stop the harmful sexual behaviour. 

New Street is a voluntary service. Parents and carers must consent for the referral to be made and be willing to be involved in the counselling process. Where an episode of harmful sexual behaviour has occurred a report needs to be made to Family and Community Services.

New Street aims to work holistically to prevent further harmful sexual behaviour. The New Street service model involves working with the whole family unit and engaging with other agencies and community services to sustain and support change.

Central to the model is the principle of safety, both for any children that have been sexually harmed and for the young person engaged in the harmful behaviour.

Referrals to New Street can be made by anyone. New Street services prioritise referrals for young (10-14 years) and Aboriginal young people. All New Street staff are trained and committed to ensuring cultural safety. Identified Aboriginal Counsellor Positions are in place at every New Street service as part of this commitment.

New Street brochure.


The New Street service in the Mid North Coast Local Health District is based in Coffs Harbour and accepts referrals from all parts of the Local Health District.

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