Governing Board

The Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) Governing Board is responsible for establishing and overseeing an effective governance risk management framework, collaborating with key stakeholders on its strategic directions and ensuring high standards of professional and ethical conduct are maintained. The Board engages with providers and the community in decisions that affect them, monitors the service delivery and financial performance of the agency against its targets and holds the Chief Executive accountable for their performance.

The Governing Board’s responsibilities include:

  • delivering agreed services and performance standards within an agreed budget based on annual strategic and operating plans, and the Service Agreement
  • ensuring the accountable and efficient provision of services and producing annual reports, subject to State financial accountability and audit frameworks
  • monitoring Local Health District performance against the agreed performance monitoring measures in the Service Agreement
  • improving local patient outcomes and responding to system-wide issues
  • maintaining effective communication with State and relevant local stakeholders including clinicians and the community.

The Members of the MNCLHD Governing Board contribute to the governance and oversight of the MNCLHD and understand the interests of consumers of health services and the local community.

Members are knowledgeable about the MNCLHD, its affairs and the environment in which it operates. The Chair is responsible for leading the Governing Board and ensuring that the members of the Governing Board work together as a cohesive team. All members of the Governing Board are appointed as independent individuals and are required to act in the best interests of the MNCLHD, our communities and the Governing Board.

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