REACH is a system that helps patients, families and carer/s escalate concerns with staff about worrying changes in a patient’s condition. It stands for Recognise, Engage, Act, Call, Help is on its way. 

REACH actively promotes partnership between patients, families and carer/s, and the treating team, in recognising and escalating deterioration. It encourages patients, families and carer/s to initially engage with their nurse or medical team, if they’re concerned that “something is not right”.

If you’re worried about a patient in hospital, first talk to your nurse or doctor. If you’re still worried, ask to speak to the nurse in charge and request a “clinical review”. If you’re still worried, call your hospital’s REACH number. You can use the bedside phone or ask for a ward phone.  Your nurse will show you which ward phone to use or will help you to make the call.

REACH casts the safety net wider by empowering consumers to ‘speak up for safety’ and provides assurance that help is on its way.

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