Osteoporosis Clinic

The Osteoporosis Clinic at Port Macquarie Base Hospital has been set up to investigate and treat low bone density to minimise the risk of fractures. The clinic focus is on re-fracture prevention.

Anyone who presents to Port Macquarie Base Hospital Emergency Department, Kempsey District Hospital Emergency Department and Wauchope Urgent Care Centre with a minimal trauma fracture who is over the age of 50 is contacted by letter or phone.

Patients of the Osteoporosis Clinic will have an initial appointment with the fracture liaison coordinator to assess lifestyle risk factors and create a management plan. This is followed by an appointment with the clinic medical specialist (when available) usually within two to four weeks, for a review of bone density scan and blood tests, and medical recommendations as required for optimum bone health.

  • Over 50 years of age with minimal trauma fracture.
  • Any age with low bone density.


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