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Got It! expression of interest form

This is the application for the Got It! early intervention program. For more information see the Perinatal, child and youth mental health programs section on the Mental Health services page, or email MNCLHD-Gotit@health.nsw.gov.au.

"*" indicates required fields

Part A: school information

Part B: school commitment and ability to provide

Term A

Teacher release for school staff to participate in professional development and training, and additional meetings*
Participation from allocated staff in partnership with the Got It! team to ensure the roll out of the program meets the needs of DoE and Mid North Coast Health within the school*
Teacher release for K-2 teachers to complete screening forms and follow up consultations*
Rooms to conduct meetings, professional development, and family assessments*
2 x confidential rooms will be required for these assessments
Permission to use school logo on program information to parents/carers*
Opportunities for Got It! to engage with parents at events such as school assemblies, information stalls, P & C meetings, etc*
Support to distribute information to parents about the program through newsletters, Skoolbag App, Facebook, other school media platforms*

Term B

2 rooms to run the Exploring Together Program*
Concurrently, one larger room to accommodate 20 people, one smaller comfortable room for 10 adults. Rooms required for 4.0 hours (8am-12pm) 1 day a week for 10 weeks.
Teacher release and participation of an allocated K-2 teacher or LAST to participate in the Exploring Together Program every week for the whole term*
Teacher required approx. 3 hours 9am – 12pm
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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