Maternity Services

The team of Maternity health professionals believes that for most women pregnancy and birth are normal life events. Our health professionals work to form and maintain strong partnerships with the woman and her family / support networks to provide excellence in care.

We strive to provide care choices that fully address the variety and changing needs of each woman.

Model of Care:

Team Maternity is an opportunity for you to be cared for by a team of midwives and an obstetrician throughout your pregnancy.

The team Midwives work as part of the Maternity Services team, they will see you for antenatal visits and care for you during labour and after the birth. If complications occur during your pregnancy, the team midwives can continue to provide care with increased visits to the obstetrician.

Please see the information below for our Maternity Services locations.

Services available at these locations

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Health Campus
345 Pacific Highway
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone 02 6656 7214

Fax 02 6656 7201

Coffs Maternity Unit provides care for pregnancy, labour and birth, special care nursery and post birth care including home maternity care. The care for all women is provided by midwives. Consultation and referral if complexities arise will occur with the obstetric and paediatric teams.

Coffs Maternity Unit is located on the ground floor of the Coffs Harbour Health Campus. It is easily accessed through the family care entrance. There are 4 fully equipped birthing rooms each with its’ own bathroom including large baths. The maternity ward accommodates antenatal and postnatal women in a combination of single and two bed rooms. There are 19 beds in this unit.

There are approximately 1100 babies born at Coffs Harbour maternity Unit each year. The Health Campus is committed to the development of future clinicians. At the current time medical students from the University of New South Wales Rural Medical School have placement in the maternity unit as do the students of midwifery from Southern Cross University. These students are supervised at all times by trained doctors and or midwives.

Women who birth at Coffs Harbour may choose to be cared for by either a private obstetrician a GP or the hospital doctors and midwives. All women who birth at Coffs Harbour are encouraged to book into the hospital during the pregnancy.  

All women in labour are cared for by the midwives in consultation with the medical team. Women from 34 weeks gestation may birth at Coffs Harbour. Should you go into labour prior to 34 weeks of pregnancy we will arrange for your care to be transferred to a tertiary unit usually John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. Similarly if you develop complications during pregnancy you may need to have some or all of your care at a tertiary unit.

Special care Nursery provides specialised care for babies born unwell or babies born prematurely from 34 weeks, if they are stable. The special care nursery also accepts babies who may have been born at a tertiary unit who need ongoing special care closer to home.


The Pregnancy Care Service can be contacted on 6656 5300 during business hours for appointments and bookings. Women can self-refer to this service from 14 weeks or may be referred by a GP for pregnancy care.

For women experiencing early pregnancy complications the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS) is available to provide care for women up to 20 weeks gestation. Women can self-refer to this service or present to the emergency department if the situation is urgent.

How long will I stay?

You can expect to stay up to 48 hours after a vaginal birth and 72 hours after a caesarean section; however the length of your postnatal stay will depend on the health of you and your baby. If everything is well with you and your baby and you wish to return home sooner the services of a midwife visiting at home can be arranged depending on your home location for ongoing care and support. Care will then be transitioned to the Child and Family Health Service.


Pregnancy Care open 8.30am-5.00pm Monday to Saturday with evening clinics till 7.00pm on Monday and Thursday.


The maternity ward has a rest period between 1.00pm-3.00pm where visitors are discouraged.

The birthing unit is a restricted area where the women has control over the support people she invites to the room, it is preferable to limit the number of people in the birthing unit, children can be present if supervised by an adult dedicated to the care of the child not women’s support person.  

Special Care is a restricted area only 2 visitors at any time for a baby when a parent is present. No person with signs and symptoms of infection are permitted into the Special Care Nursery.

Outpatient clinics

Women who are over 20 weeks pregnant with emergency complications can present to the birthing unit for assessment.



119 River Street

Phone 02 6562 6155 or Maternity direct 6562 0300

Inpatient maternity services including antenatal, postnatal and delivery from 36 completed weeks including LUSCS and epidural.

  • TIM TAM’s occurs monthly or as needed (teenage information mornings for teenagers as mums)
  • Parenting classes ( getting ready for birth) – 6 weeks duration, every Tuesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Antenatal clinic-  Wednesdays 7.00am- 3.30pm

Service is staffed with 3 GP Obstetricians and midwives.


Referral is required – if women wish to have a baby with us they must book in before 20 weeks gestation with a  referral from their Doctor. Phone to make an appointment.


Macksville Health Campus
Maternity Unit
Boundary Street

Phone 02 6568 0656 or 02 6568 0631


Macksville Maternity Unit is open 24 hours a day seven days a week
Macksville Pregnancy Care Service is every Wednesday 9.00 to 5.00 by appointment only


Referral is helpful for the Pregnancy Care Service but not essential

Our Maternity Services Provide:

  • Low risk birthing
  • Postnatal and antenatal inpatient unit
  • Outpatient Services for pregnancy concerns greater than 20 weeks gestation, postnatal issues, neonatal issues, SWISH hearing screening, breastfeeding problems (lactation Consultant available Monday to Friday)
  • Tertiary referral and transfer as needed
  • Midwives available 24 hours a day and access to VMO GP/Obstetricians on a on call basis
  • Antenatal Classes
  • Positioning classes
  • Referral to child and family health on discharge

Our Pregnancy Care Services Provide:

  • Routine antenatal care from any gestation with consultations with a midwife and GP/OBS if needed
  • Booking for birthing locally or in Coffs Harbour
  • Shared care with local GPs and Coffs Pregnancy Care Service
  • Vaccination service for pregnancy such as boostrix and fluvax and Anti D as presently recommended in the schedule for pregnancy
  • Referrals to allied health services such as social work, physiotherapy, support services
  • Pathology services available within the facility



Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Wrights Road
Port Macquarie NSW 24500

Phone 02 5524 2000

Outpatient Clinics:

Port Macquarie provides antenatal care to all pregnant women please contact the service for clinic times and bookings.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service runs from 8.30 – 12.30 Monday – Friday. No referral is required for this service.

Lactation Clinic runs from 9am-1pm Fridays, you will need to make an appointment for this service.

Early Discharge Program and Mother Craft Extended Care Programme is offered 6 days a week for women that discharge before 48 hours or may need some extra care particularly breast feeding or babies that may have been admitted to the Special Care Nursery.


The Maternity Unit has 15 antenatal, postnatal and 4 gynaecological beds, 3 birthing rooms, assessment room and 8 special care nursery beds.  Visiting hours all day with a rest period between 1pm and 3pm.