Paediatric Complex Care Coordination Service

The Mid North Coast Local Health District is proud to offer a Paediatric Complex Care Service. This service is led by a Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultant who supports the coordination of care for children in our region with chronic and complex medical conditions.

The complex care service has different levels of support, depending on family’s needs. These levels are flexible and meet families where they are at. You may only need support with one aspect of your child’s situation. Or you may require comprehensive support to set up and coordinate care that includes intensive support and advocacy. Our service can provide for both of these circumstances and everything in between.

Paediatric Complex Care Service

  • Supports the management of children with two or more complex health needs.
  • Provides flexible and responsive levels of support, guided by you and your child.
  • Partners with families to improve wellbeing through providing care closer to home when possible and linking families up with the right services at the right time.
  • Co-ordinates treatment with multiple teams (allied health, medical specialties, children’s hospitals and non-government providers).
  • Advocacy for you and your child within the health system.
  • Support to navigate complex healthcare systems.
  • Improved communication with healthcare professionals.
  • Increased access to healthcare information and understanding about your child’s care and treatment.
  • Assistance with coordinating your child’s appointments, moving appointments closer to home, setting up virtual care and travel to children’s hospitals for appointments and admissions.
  • Coordinating the development of management plans with you and those involved in your child’s care.
  • Individualised goal setting, meaningful to you and your child.
  • Community integration to support care as close to home as possible.
  • Help connecting with social supports, community resources and other supports.

We value your active involvement in coordinating your child’s care. You (and your child’s) ideas and observations are important for understanding your child’s needs. This helps us create a plan that matches your family’s goals. Your family will get the most out of the Paediatric Complex Care Coordination Service if you:

  • attend all scheduled meetings
  • reply promptly to our messages
  • take part in the planning process.

Your baby, child or young person may be eligible for the complex care service if they are:

  • aged under 16 years and have two or more complex medical conditions
  • aged under 16 years and have one complex medical condition as well as other circumstances where this service may be able to help. These include mental illness, unstable housing, domestic and family violence, financial stress, a refugee background, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.


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