Philip Hoyle

Philip Hoyle

District Director Medical Services and Clinical Governance

Philip has a clinical background of rural general practice GP for 12 years and over 30 years of senior management experience. This includes roles as Medical Director and General Manager of several large tertiary as well as rural hospitals and multi-hospital systems in various states in Australia and the UK.

He was the inaugural Director, Clinical Governance for the former Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service and has served as Director Medical Services at Royal North Shore Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Philip has most recently held the role of Director, Medical Services at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Other work Philip has undertaken includes Principal Clinical Advisor for the National Centre for Classification in Health at the University of Sydney, a member of various Independent Hospital Pricing Authority clinical committees, and currently the Chair of the Standards Committee of the Australian Council on Health Care Standards.

Philip has a keen interest in understanding care and care processes, and ways we can come together as clinicians, consumers and managers to deliver first rate care, research and education.

The primary focus of Clinical Governance (CG) can be summarised as the risk management of patient safety and clinical quality. The NSW Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program, through the Clinical Excellence Commission and CG, is designed to deliver system improvement with patient safety as a priority. The CG will contribute to this by building upon existing incident reporting and investigation systems and enhancing them with the implementation of the Incident Information Management System (IIMS).

Key additional elements include death reviews, ensuring there are systems in place to receive and manage serious complaints and ensuring there are effective systems for appointment, credentialing and performance review of clinicians.

Director Medical Services and Clinical Governance 
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Executive Assistant
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Associate Director Clinical Governance
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