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two volunteers with handcrafteditems

Barry and Debbie show some of the beautifully handcrafted items that will be available at the Wauchope Hospital Volunteers IGA stall on Friday 6 August.

Wauchope Volunteers stall has the goods

Aug 05, 2021

There’s never been a better time to visit the Wauchope Hospital Volunteers’ IGA stall.

Gorgeous winter woollies for bub, the kids and grown-ups are on sale and guaranteed to keep you toasty warm.

A hand-knitted beanie or jumper might be just what you need when you venture out into your garden, having bought a boot-load of plants at the stall.

Or you may feel the need to warm up from the inside by grabbing a tasty morsel from “the boys’ barbecue”.

Whatever your motivation, you’ll be helping the volunteers help patients and staff at Wauchope District Memorial Hospital.

The stall opens at 8am Friday 6 August in the IGA carpark in Hastings St, Wauchope.

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