Women presenting a cheque for hospital equipment.

A huge thank you to Hastings Cancer Trust and Wauchope Patchwork Quilters: Barbara Collins from the Wauchope Patchwork Quilters presented the donation to Lynne Frances from the Friends of the Hastings Cancer Trust. With them are quilters Kathy Torley, Virginia Stewart, Jo Stennett and Nurse Michelle Wilcox.

Wauchope quilters benefit cancer trust and hospital

Nov 09, 2023

The Wauchope Patchwork Quilters are famous for their superb handiwork, benefiting the community by raffling their creations.

Hastings Cancer Trust was the most recent recipient of their crafty efforts. Each October, Wauchope Patchwork Quilters supports a cancer charity and this year handed over a donation of $2,120 to the trust.

The donation was allocated to a grant benefitting the Wauchope District Memorial Hospital operating theatre. A colposcope was purchased, a device that is highly effective in preventing the development of cervical cancer.

Nursing Unit Manager of Surgical Services Melissa Court said doctors refer patients to Port Macquarie Base Hospital for colposcopies.

The instrument at Wauchope will reduce the waiting time for those needing the procedures and patients already on the waiting list.

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