Brett Healey, two-year-old Flynn, Sarah Healey and five-year-old Emilia with midwife Julie Vegter, Midwifery Unit Manager Celia Collins and Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery (Surgery, Women’s and Children’s Services) Orinda Jones and the cuddle cot.

Sarah and Brett’s gift to grieving parents

May 21, 2021
This article was published 3 years ago.

When Phoebe Healey passed away at just 21 weeks into her mum’s pregnancy, the generosity of complete strangers gave parents Sarah and Brett precious time with their daughter.

A Cuddle Cot gifted to John Hunter Hospital meant Sarah and Brett could meet Phoebe and bond with her before saying their goodbyes.

In memory of their beautiful baby girl, Sarah and Brett decided to give other grieving parents the same opportunity and focused their attention on Port Macquarie.

Through Bears of Hope, a pregnancy and infant loss support charity, the couple asked family and friends to contribute towards a $6,500 Cuddle Cot for Port Macquarie Base Hospital – a goal they achieved in just two weeks.

The cooling system and bassinet were presented to a grateful team of midwives at Port Macquarie Base Hospital, all of whom understand Sarah and Brett’s grief.

“We were very fortunate to have access to a cuddle cot to allow us to spend precious time with Phoebe, to bond with her and say an uninterrupted goodbye,” Sarah said.

“Just having that time together was so important and the cuddle cot provided a personal touch, it wasn’t clinical at all.”

Midwifery Unit Manager Celia Collins was grateful for the gift, which she knows will help support grieving families.

“This is a wonderful gesture that is so very much appreciated,” she said.

“The cot will allow parents to spend precious time with their baby before saying goodbye, which is very important to their long-term emotional wellbeing.”

The Healey family chose Sarah’s hometown of Port Macquarie for the generous gift.

“We hope whoever finds comfort because of this cot will know it was gifted, not by strangers but by Phoebe’s parents and their friends and family,” Sarah said.

“It was very touching to remember what it did for us and to be able to share it with others who are going through their own challenges,” Brett added.

“We want to do our part to ensure that others know that they aren’t alone.”

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