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ED RN Rebecca Lieschke accepts her Safety Leadership Award from District Work Health and Safety Manager Brian Haynes while her team members, including Nurse Unit Manager Clare Scullion, look on.

Rebecca’s skills and drills earn her a Safety Leadership Award

May 20, 2024

The Health Safety and Wellbeing team has presented the Mid North Coast Local Health District ‘Safety Leadership Award’ to Coffs Harbour Health Campus’s (CHHC) Rebecca Lieschke.

Rebecca, an Emergency Department (ED) Registered Nurse, was awarded the Quarter 4, 2023 ‘Safety Leadership Award’ recognising her commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

Rebecca serves on the CHHC Health and Safety Committee and represents her workgroup as a Health and Safety Representative (HSR). She delivers training as a Violence Prevention and Management (VPM) trainer, providing staff with the skills to de-escalate and respond to aggression or violence at work.

In addition, Rebecca has introduced a ‘skills and drills’ calendar within the CHHC ED to ensure her team members are practiced and confident in responding to aggression incidents with a view to the safety of workers and improved patient outcomes and experience.

Well done, Rebecca.

Safety Leadership Award

The Safety Leadership Award Program was introduced in 2021 and recognises employees who demonstrate excellence and innovative contributions to workplace health, safety, and wellbeing.

Commendations are awarded for outstanding and/or innovative actions, concepts, demonstrated initiatives, creation and development of proactive approaches and culture to enhance all staff members health, safety, and wellbeing.

Eligibility criteria

Awarded to an individual or a team who collectively demonstrates and makes significant contributions that strengthen the Local Health District’s health, safety, and wellbeing culture.

Examples of eligible acts:

  • Dedication and commitment to WHS improvements
  • Outstanding WHS actions to prevent injury
  • Demonstrating health safety leadership qualities including exceptional safe work practices

Nomination process

Do you know a safety leader? Show your appreciation by nominating an individual or a team for our Safety Leadership Award by visiting the MNCLHD’s Safety Leadership Award page.

Nominate now and truly make a difference in strengthening our safety culture.

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