Group of healthcare workers at a table with fruit and food for tea.

Staff at Bellingen commemorated Palliative Care week by remembering patients who passed away in their sub acute unit.

Poignant commemoration for Palliative Care Week

May 30, 2024

Every year in Palliative Care Week Bellinger River District Hospital staff acknowledge patients who died in the sub-acute unit in the past year.

Each person was named out loud by the staff of all disciplines to allow reflection and remembrance.

“We also acknowledge the professionalism, compassion and respect of all staff who make a significant difference in the lives and dignified deaths of our patients,” said Palliative Care CNC Sonja Beukers.

“Families and loved ones always show appreciation and some quotes were read to the group highlighting their gratitude.

“Staff were encouraged to recognise their strengths and limitations, take care of their own emotional and physical health, and remain supportive and alert to the wellbeing of colleagues.”

Thank you to Bakers Delight in Toormina for donating delicious food. Urunga Bakery provided a beautiful commemorative cake.

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