Nine nurses behind a cardboard picture frame featuring the word April Falls 2024.

Nurses Eveon Rosten, Abigail Riddel, Alexandra Montgomery, Tammy Hemingway, Michael Foo, Rumbi Manjoro, Hazel Ortega, Samantha Oliver and Barry Watson put themselves in the picture for April Falls Day 2024.

Kempsey focused on better balance for falls prevention

Apr 24, 2024

Kempsey District Hospital staff gathered last Wednesday with the goal of raising awareness of the latest best practice falls prevention strategies to keep patients safe.

Organised by Kempsey Inpatient Unit Clinical Nurse Educators Brittany Saunders and Sarah Rudner, the awareness campaign was a huge success and a lot of fun.

“We played games that were not only educational but fun as well,” Ms Saunders said.

 “We had ‘Pin the Falls Prevention Method’ on the patient, where we attached appropriate footwear and glasses, and gave the patient a call bell.

“Games such as ‘Find a Word’ and ‘Word Unscramble’ were also popular as colleagues searched for words relating to falls prevention strategies and falls risks.

“Then with some teamwork, we brainstormed the potential causes of falls, and what methods or resources are available for staff to use to prevent an inpatient fall,” Ms Saunders said.

The event also featured a ‘test your own balance’ task, where staff could walk a pool noodles course, one foot in front of the other. Staff were seen further challenging themselves by closing one eye, while navigating the course.

a nurse walks a path outlined with pink pool noodles. She has her hand over one eye.

ED RN Emma Freeman takes a walk.

a male nurse holding an orange cardboard picture frame featuring the words April Falls 2024

ED CNE Nick King was nicely framed on April Falls Day.

An enrolled nurse blindfolded pinning cardboard glasses on a paper sheet featuring the outline of a man.

EN Alexandra Montgomery pins a Falls Prevention item on the patient (above) and (below) IPU NUM Kate Martin also showed some skill while blindfolded.

Two nurses standing behind a cardboard picture frame.

RNs Haidi Baumgartner and Kath Carroll were picture perfect at the April Falls Day awareness event.


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