Jim Bruce Urology and Prostate Cancer Trust representative Peter Besseling (right) presents the resectoscope to Urologist Dr Nader Awad and Perioperative Nurse Manager Belinda Garvey.

Jim Bruce’s legacy continues to make a difference

Apr 20, 2021
This article was published 3 years ago.

The Jim Bruce Urology and Prostate Cancer Trust has supported prostate cancer patients and their partners from throughout the Hastings for more than a decade.

The Trustees’ determination to support men’s health and wellbeing has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being raised, and spent, in the Hastings to improve the treatment, care and quality of life for those men affected by prostate cancer.

The Trust’s latest donation is a $13,000 resectoscope for Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

The equipment, which will replace an older model, assists surgeons to trim away prostate tissue that blocks urine flow and more accurately and safely resects bladder cancers.

Perioperative Nurse Manager Belinda Garvey said the procedure was considered an important option for men who have significant urinary problems that have not responded to medication.

“The minimally invasive procedure vastly improves quality of life for prostate patients and can prevent complications such as kidney or bladder damage, bladder stones and recurring urinary tract infections,” Ms Garvey said.

“We are indebted to The Jim Bruce Trust for their support. This is an important piece of medical equipment that can dramatically change the quality of life for our patients.”

The Trust funds front-line urological support in the Hastings, including urology nurse scholarships, free health forums and vital medical equipment that helps to deliver better patient and clinical outcomes.

Urologist Dr Nader Awad said the support of the Trust was fundamental to the region’s excellent reputation in urology and prostate cancer care.

“The Jim Bruce Trust has helped countless prostate patients achieve better health outcomes and improved quality of life,” Dr Awad said.

“This latest donation is a very practical way of relieving symptoms for most men who are not responding to medication.”

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