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Helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle

Jul 18, 2023

The new NSW Health Get Healthy Service has gone live this month with Diabetes Australia named as the new service provider.

If you used the service before July 2023, your information has been securely transferred to Diabetes Australia.

All program participants will continue to receive high-quality health coaching, using evidence-based behaviour change and goal-setting techniques to support them to achieve health outcomes. 

There is no change to the way patients and clients can be referred to the Service.

However, there are some key changes to the way the Service will be delivered from July 2023:

  • Participants will be able to access coaching that is flexible, with topics tailored to their needs, goals and preferences, addressing risk factors relevant to them with streamlined programs available (Get Healthy and Get Healthy in Pregnancy)
  • The Service will be expanded to include phone and online health coaching (including video calls) giving participants more ways to connect with health professionals and access support when and where they need it
  • Participants will now receive 6 health coaching calls (previously 10) with an option to increase to 10 if desired.
  • An Aboriginal health coach has been recruited as a first step towards increasing the capacity to support Aboriginal participants.

Additional improvements to the service have been implemented based on clinician and participant feedback:

  • Re-assessing the medical screening requirements (especially during pregnancy) and improving ease of referral with online medical safety assessments now available for all clinicians
  • Improving the participant enrolment survey; making it more inclusive and will capture more information about participants so data collected is better aligned with population health data. This will improve reporting capability for priority populations.

The promotional materials used for the program will be updated in a phased approach.

Selected resources will be available to support health professionals to continue to promote the Service. Please contact the MNCLHD Health Promotion team for any promotional materials needed.

Further enhancements to the Service are expected to be delivered later this year and into the future.

For more information about the changes to the Get Healthy Service for participants please contact the Get Healthy Service team on nswh-gethealthyservicefeedback@health.nsw.gov.au or MNCLHD Health Promotion on mnclhd-hp@health.nsw.gov.au


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