eight women, including a nurse, standing around a hospital bed.

Dorrigo Multi Purpose Service Nurse Unit Manager Karen Shirley with the hardworking members of the Dorrigo branch of the United Hospital Auxiliary, including branch President Lizzy Bennett (back, third from left).

Dorrigo hospital volunteers present vital equipment to MPS

May 09, 2024

Dorrigo Multi Purpose Service (MPS) has new hospital equipment valued about $18,000 thanks to the Dorrigo branch of the United Hospital Auxiliary (UHA).

The volunteers’ generous contributions include four Invisa-beams valued at $6286, two patient beds worth $8649, and a Sara Stedy costing almost $3000, invaluable equipment that significantly enhances patient care and comfort.

The Invisa-beams use invisible infrared beams to monitor the bed, or chair, of a patient at risk of falling. If the patient moves and the beam is broken, an alarm is activated, warning health care workers before a patient falls and injures themselves. The Sara Stedy ensures patients and aged care residents can be positioned from sit to stand transfers safely.

Nurse Manager Lynn Forsyth expressed her appreciation for the tireless efforts of the UHA volunteers, whose dedication and commitment made the donation possible. She emphasised the critical role played by the UHA in supporting the MPS’s mission of providing high-quality healthcare services to the Dorrigo community.

Ms Forsyth also extended thanks to the residents of Dorrigo for their unwavering support of the UHA’s fundraising initiatives.

“The community’s solidarity and generosity have been instrumental in facilitating vital improvements and ensuring the continued provision of exceptional healthcare services on the plateau,” Ms Forsyth said.

The community’s latest show of support is the upcoming Dorrigo Rotary Mother’s Day Ball, to take place on Saturday, May 11, at the Dorrigo Showground Pavilion.

“This event underscores the community’s commitment to rallying behind essential healthcare services and further demonstrates the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines Dorrigo,” Ms Forsyth said.

“We reaffirm our deep appreciation to the Dorrigo United Hospital Auxiliary, the Dorrigo community, and all supporters for their unwavering dedication to our amazing multi-purpose service.”

Branch President Lizzy Bennett also paid tribute to her volunteers and the broader community.

“Everyone on the plateau can play a crucial role in acquiring much-needed equipment that enhances the quality of care provided by the MPS,” Ms Bennett said.

“We have an incredibly generous community, which includes our Hospital Auxiliary volunteers, whose collective efforts continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and staff at the MPS.”

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