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Palliative Care Nurse Unit Manager Mary Trotter with Bago Tavern’s Peter Bugden and Krystle Grayson and the proceeds of a community fundraiser in support of seriously ill patients.

Community digs deep for palliative care patients at Wauchope

Dec 24, 2020
This article was published 3 years ago.

The Wauchope community has thrown its support behind a fundraiser for the Palliative Care Unit at Wauchope District Memorial Hospital.

Bago Tavern owners, Peter and Judy Bugden, hosted a Christmas raffle and auction featuring toys, toys and more toys. The result was an inspiring response from the community with $4421 raised.

The donation will purchase two much-needed syringe drivers, a device that helps to manage pain by delivering medication at a constant rate to seriously ill patients.

“We had an amazing response to this fundraiser,” Mr Bugden said.

“Wauchope being Wauchope always comes to the fore when asked to support our community.

“If we can give some help and caring to people in their last days, then we should.”

And Wauchope certainly did that. A long list of businesses offered up donations in support of the raffle and auction, including a massive $1500 from JR Welding.

“I want to thank everyone who donated to, or supported, our raffle and auction on December 4, including Bluey (John Pickering) whose donation bought one of the syringe drivers outright.”

Nurse Unit Manager Mary Trotter gratefully accepted the donation, saying it would be a great comfort to palliative care patients and their families.

“We are very thankful for the ongoing support of our community,” Ms Trotter said.

“It makes everything we try to do for our patients part of a community effort. Our patients’ families also appreciate the support and find comfort in the knowledge that others, sometimes perfect strangers, are doing what they can for their loved one.

“If you were looking for a definition of community, you really can’t go past Wauchope. We are there for each other and that matters.

“Bago Tavern and its patrons have supported us in the past, and today we once again say thank you for thinking of us yet again.”

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