A group of Allied Health Professionals.

Some of the Allied Health team at Coffs Harbour Health Campus: Sophie Foott (SP) Elise Lamph (Dietitian), Deena Presser (Physiotherapist), Malcolm Hill (Physiotherapist), Sorin Timis (Social Worker), Anupa Jojy (Social Worker), Greg Ewart (Physiotherapist Head of Dept), Zoe Beavis (OT).

Allied Health Professions work together for holistic wellbeing

Oct 13, 2023

Allied Health Professions Day (14 October) is an opportunity for everyone in the Health District to pause, recognise and celebrate the diverse skills of Allied Health professionals in keeping our communities healthy.

Delivering diverse, holistic care in Allied Health comes in many forms, and our large team of practitioners ensures their patients and clients are covered from top to tail.

While most are familiar with many of these clinicians’ individual skill sets, it is important to recognise they also work together as specialised teams combining and complimenting each discipline’s expertise to focus and tailor plans around wellness and ‘reablement.’  These are based on each patient or client’s specific goals to remain safely at home.

From the moment a person enters the organization, either by an emergent admission or requiring increased care in the community, Allied Health has a significant role in keeping people healthy and capable. Clinics, services, and programs are available to support keeping people at home and out of hospital and can be delivered in a group setting or at home.

At Coffs Harbour Health Campus this week, staff celebrated Allied Health Professions Day by hosting a barbecue, taking a moment from their busy schedule to celebrate their achievements, acknowledge their ongoing commitment to learning and innovation, and express appreciation for their unwavering support in promoting health and wellbeing. Click on the photo below to scroll through the smiling faces at the event.

Let’s celebrate their achievements and acknowledge their support in promoting our health and wellbeing.

Next time you see a clinician in the corridor, make sure you say hello!

Thank you to our Speech Pathologists, Allied Health Assistants, Social Workers, Psychologists, Counsellors, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Pharmacists.

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