Peter Treseder AO

Peter Treseder AO

Board Chair

Peter has led a variety of not-for-profit organisations for over two decades. Before that, he had over twenty year’s management experience with Commonwealth Bank.

Peter has been awarded three Orders of Australia (all for different contributions to the nation).  In part, these awards are in recognition of his outstanding ability to support philanthropy work he is passionate about. 

Peter has served as the Chief Convenor of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, serving under three Prime Ministers. He is the founding Chair of Mid North Coast Rural Health and Medical Research Foundation and a director of the charitable organisation The Patricia Dukes Foundation.  He is also the custodian of Moripo Park, a gift of parks and gardens he hopes will be bequeathed to the nation.

Peter is known as a natural leader and has led many worldwide expeditions, including the Spirit of Australia South Pole Expedition which was the first Australian expedition to ski unsupported to the South Geographic Pole. As well as many other accomplishments, he holds a black belt in Zen Do Kai karate, an MBA with distinction from Queensland University of Technology and has written five books.

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