A woman and man standing under a sign in a radio studio which reads 2AIR FM 107.9.

CHHC General Volunteers Coordinator Cherylene Burke and 2AirFM presenter Ian Hodges talk about the benefits of volunteering in a bid to attract new members to the fold.

Volunteers take to the airways to recruit

Oct 10, 2022
This article was published 2 years ago.

The very organised Coffs Harbour Health Campus’ General Volunteers have taken to the airways in a bid to bolster membership numbers.

Coordinator Cherylene Burke was on air last week, spruiking the benefits of volunteering to 2AirFM 107.9 presenter Ian Hodges.

Ian was the perfect interviewer – not only as an expert breakfast show presenter but he also happens to be a dedicated CHHC volunteer.

Visitors to Coffs Harbour Health Campus would recognise Ian as the friendly face behind the wheel of the Pink Ladies Buggy.

The General Volunteer, who is the master of manoeuvres in the hospital carpark, was very happy to allow Cherylene the opportunity to recruit some of his avid listeners to volunteering at the hospital.

The recruitment drive is becoming a regular feature program for 2AirFM with volunteers Caul, Jeff and Barb all sharing the volunteer message on air early this month.

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