two men holding white, signed shirts in front of them. either side are two nurses.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator Jannie Denyer and Cardiology Services Acting Nurse Unit Manager Rachael Stacey with two Heart Health champions – Mike Storrier and Max Heslehurst, proudly holding their Heart Health NSW shirts signed by cardiology services staff.

Cardiology Services thanks dynamic duo

Mar 09, 2023
This article was published 1 year ago.

A month after announcing their retirement from volunteering at Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Heart Health NSW members Max Heslehurst and Mike Storrier were given a memorable farewell by the hospital’s Cardiology Services team.

Max and Mike have given 14 years’ service in support of Cardiology Services, patients and their families, founding the Port Macquarie-Hastings branch of Heart Support Australia in 2009, which later became Heart Health NSW.

Heart Heath NSW provides an engaging service from many volunteers who dedicate their time to support inpatients during their stay in hospital.

The support is provided to patients and their carers through a buddy system while patients receive their treatment. The volunteers also work in a community setting where they assist the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, working tirelessly to support the growth of the service as well as the cardiology services.

“Both Max and Mike actively raised funds to source much needed equipment to assist patient care as well as raised money to build the walking track behind Port Macquarie Base Hospital and to install the exercise equipment in the hospital courtyard, just to name a few,” said Cardiology Services Acting Nurse Unit Manager Rachael Stacey.

“Max and Mike also contributed to the communications, planning and equipment sourcing to support the build of the new section of the hospital.

“Max and Mike were, and are, well-respected and valued members of our team and will be missed.

“The Cardiology Services Team thanks them for all they have done to support us.”

Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator Jannie Denyer also spoke at the farewell function.

“This is very hard for me because Max and Mike have been very inspiring as patient buddies.

“They have been able to talk to patients who are in the same place they once were.

“Through their tireless support and fundraising efforts, they have helped donate bikes, weights, cranks, portable BP machines and pulse oximeters to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program,” Ms Denyer said.

“At times they both spoke to patients in the Cardiac Rehab sessions about participating in rehabilitation and joining Heart Health post cardiac event to encourage and maintain lifestyle modifications.

“Max, in particular, was always at the forefront of communication with the appropriate hospital leaders and was always looking for a way to add to the hospital.

“It breaks my heart to say farewell because of everything you have done over the years.”

Following a T-shirt presentation, where members of the cardiology team signed Heart Health shirts for the pair, it was Mike Storrier who fittingly had the final say – “Take your heart for walk!”

The volunteer coined the phrase 14 years ago and it has been used since to promote the group’s walking sessions throughout the Hastings and Macleay.

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