Patient Information

Much of the information on the main page also applies to online appointments. Some other things to consider are:


You may be able to have your appointment at home.


Poor internet speed or reliability may reduce the quality of the appointment or even make it impossible.

What are My Rights?

It is always your choice to take part in an online appointment, if you prefer face-to-face appointments that is up to you. Even if you have an online appointment booked you can still change your mind at anytime even during the appointment.

What about Security and Privacy?

The computer program used is very secure, your healthcare professionals will keep all your information confidential and online video sessions are not recorded.

What does it Cost?

The MNCLHD provides access to the software program for free. You will need to confirm any costs with your health care professional. If you attend at your GP rooms you will need to ask them about any costs. If your appointment is at home, you will use internet data allowance.

Download Patient Information Sheet