Occupational Assessment, Screening and Immunisation

The Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Policy applies to all existing staff, all new recruits, students on clinical placement, volunteers, contracted clinical staff (such as VMOs), and people on work experience.Transmission of vaccine preventable diseases in health care settings has the potential to cause serious illness and avoidable deaths in patients, staff and other uses of the health system as well as others in the community. NSW Health Policy Directive PD2011_005 Occupational assessment, screening and vaccination against specified infectious diseases provides a framework for immunisation and screening of health care workers, other clinical personnel and students to minimise the risk of transmission of these diseases.

For further information or advice please contact Sue Devlin, Coordinator for Tuberculosis and Occupational Infectious Diseases Screening & Vaccination on:

(02) 6620 7500 or click here to go to the NSW Ministry of Health website