Sewage Management

On the North Coast there are a variety of methods used to manage, treat dispose of sewage. These include septic tanks, aerated waste water treatment systems, town sewerage systems, composting toilets, and other household systems.

NSW Health accredits sewage management facilities and the local Public Health Unit (PHU) disseminate information related to such accreditations.

Domestic on-site sewage management system installation approvals and approvals to operate are primarily dealt with by local Councils.

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) of the PHU review upgrade proposals for town sewerage schemes, review effluent re-use proposals, and monitor sewerage system overflows or spills. Our role is to protect public health.

Further information on Sewage Management please see the NSW Health web page.

For information relating to the NSW Department of Local Government “Septic Safe”, please see the NSW Local Government website.