Funeral Industries

Funeral businesses must be registered with NSW Health to operate their businesses.  A local register of funeral operators is maintained by the Public Health Unit (PHU) Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) that forms part of a state wide database.

Funeral Business Inspections

Periodically EHOs of the local Council or the PHU conduct audits and or inspections of funeral businesses and facilities for handling bodies.  Audits include inspection of cleaning procedures, waste disposal, viewing areas, fitout of a premises and storage of bodies.


An EHO of a local Council or the PHU must participate in any exhumation to ensure the exhumation is carried out appropriately and to ensure privacy and respect to the deceased.

EHOs of the PHU provide advice on various funeral industry matters including private burials, transporting bodies, cremations and burials out to sea.

Further information please see the Environmental Health section of the NSW Health website.