Specialist Mental Health Services and Programs

Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People (SMHSOP)

This service responds to the needs of older people with complex mental health problems in a community setting.  MNCLHD supports specialist community teams to deliver services.

Youth and Family Mental Health Services (YAF)

Mental Health Services for children and young people include access to the NSW Mental Health Line, mental health risk assessment at Emergency Departments and ongoing community based clinical intervention and case management for young people aged 12 to 17 years. Case management and clinical intervention for most children with mental health problems under the age of 12 years is provided by Child and Family Health Counsellors at Community Health Centres.  Specialist Child and Adolescent Psychiatry case consultation and clinical assessment is provided across all age groups where necessary in collaboration with clinical case managers

Your Experience of Service (YES) (formerly MHCoPES)

YES is a state-wide approach for NSW mental health service to hear and respond to consumer‟s views of services as part of the continuing improvement process.

Family and Carer Services

The NSW Family and Carers Mental Health Program seeks to improve outcomes for mental health consumers by enhancing and supporting the role that carers play in mental health.

NSW Health / Families NSW Supporting Families Early Package (Safe Start)

This package aims to improve mental health outcomes for parents and infants in the long term by supporting families early. It brings together initiatives from Health’s Primary Health and Community Partnerships Branch and Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office. Providing support for infants, children and parents, beginning in pregnancy, including their physical and mental health, is a key priority of the NSW Government.

Early Psychosis Program

The first edition of the Australian Clinical Guidelines for Early Psychosis was published in 1998. Since then there has been increasing evidence of the effectiveness of early intervention in psychotic disorders and a realisation that duration of untreated psychosis is related to prognosis.  Early intervention leads to better outcomes and may prevent or delay transition to psychosis.

The new guidelines are consistent with the International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Early Psychosis.

Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMI)

NSW Ministry of Health’s COPMI Framework identifies and sets out strategic directions for an integrated approach for MNCLHD mental health services in collaboration with NSW Ministry of Health partners to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in NSW who have a parent with a mental illness.

School Link Program

The NSW School-Link initiative is a collaborative partnership between the NSW Department of Education and Training and NSW Health that has been implemented State-wide and locally to promote mental health and improve prevention, treatment and support for adolescences with mental health problems.  The School-Link Project Officer sits within the YAF Team liaising with local District Guidance Officers, School Counsellors and Mental Health Clinicians.

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP)

RAMHP is a NSW funded program which has been in operation since 2007.  The program was initiated in response to the enduring drought and the effect on the rural populations of NSW.  The program has continued with an emphasis on rural and remote communities and cohorts involved in agricultural and primary industries.  The emphasis has now shifted to changing environmental and climatic conditions.