North Coast Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit (Coffs Harbour)

The North Coast Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit is a gazetted 20 bed inpatient mental health rehabilitation unit and accepts both voluntary and detained patients. The expected length of stay is three to six months.

The Unit provides a tertiary service, clients referred from mental health services of the Mid North Coast and Northern NSW LHDs. Referrals are assessed against eligibility criteria with face to face or videoconference meeting.

The focus of admission is on functional gain with mental health recovery which aims to help the client achieve their potential despite their illness.

Services includes – multidisciplinary care by nursing, psychiatry, medicine, clinical psychology, social work & occupational therapy. Assessment based on all standard mental health assessment tools, plus use of Mental Health Recovery Star as an assessment of ‘stage of change’ with regard to recovery journey. Care plan and interventions tailored to suit stage of change of client.

Services available at these locations

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Health Campus
342 Pacific Hwy
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Phone 02 6656 5600