Mothers and Babies Resources

Throughout your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born there are resources available that you can access to provide reliable information and advice:

Having a Baby

Having a Baby is for all women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. It also provides valuable information for partners and families, helping you understand and participate in this significant phase of your lives. Having a Baby has a strong focus on healthy pregnancies and normal birth. However, it also provides information and advice when things do not go to plan. Most importantly, this resource explains the options for pregnancy and birth care in NSW and promotes informed choices for pregnant women. provides free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information to help your family grow and thrive together. They are funded by the Australian Government, reviewed by experts and non-commercial, so you know you can trust this source.

The pregnancy and birth section provides valuable information for pregnancy and preparing for labour and birth. We have the answers to hundreds of parenting questions, where and when you need them.

Caring for Yourself
Keeping You and the Family Safe

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia 24/7 1800 424 017

1800 RESPECT    24/7 1800 737 732

Women’s Refuges

Family Planning

Get Healthy In Pregnancy

Get Healthy in Pregnancy (GHiP) service helps pregnant women to achieve and maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, provides ideas on ways to stay active during pregnancy, and help with returning to pre-pregnancy weight. GHiP is a free and confidential phone coaching service.

GHiP offers pregnant women:

  • Their own personal, university qualified health coach, includes dieticians and exercise physiologists
  • Up to 10 free coaching calls
  • Helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy
  • Provides ideas on ways to stay active during pregnancy
  • Helps women return to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Watch the GHiP video.

Complete the simple online form today or call 1300 806 258. Alternatively, you can ask your Midwife, GP or Obstetrician for a referral to the Get Healthy Service at your next appointment.

Smoking in Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy contributes to an increased risk of a broad range of complications during pregnancy, including spontaneous abortion, pregnancy and labour complications, stillbirth, low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome. Low birth weight has been associated with developing chronic disease later in life including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and overweight and obesity.

For further resources and support to quit smoking click on these links:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy  

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) works by releasing a lower, more slowly absorbed amount of nicotine compared to smoking. This helps to minimise or avoid withdrawal symptoms, reducing craving intensity and frequency.
  • NRT can be used in pregnancy, please speak to your midwife, GP, Obstetrician or pharmacist about NRT.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke/ Second-hand Smoking

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and second-hand smoking is also a risk during pregnancy, and harms both the mother and baby.

Here are some strategies you can use to improve protection when smoking outside:

    • Wear a scarf and an outer shirt or jacket which is removed before entering the house or car
    • Wash your hands and face after smoking.
    • Stand well away from the house when smoking, especially well away from open doors and windows.
    • Wait outside for 5 to 10 minutes after last cigarette before entering the house.

Strong Women Strong Babies Pregnancy Diary

Food Safety During Pregnancy

Baby’s Movements
Keeping Your Baby Safe
Immunisations in Pregnancy
Medications in Pregnancy
Screening for Group B Streptococcus
Labour and Birth
You and Your Baby

COVID-19 Related resources for Pregnant Women and New Parents

The situation with the COVID 19 Pandemic is constantly changing and to keep you, your baby and our staff safe we have implemented the following changes to our visitor policy across all Mid North Coast Local Health District Facilities: MNCLHD Visitor Update.

For further community information please visit the NSW Health Coronavirus information page.

Below is a list of online links for pregnant women and their families’ to access reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus and Pregnancy information from Healthdirect
Coronavirus Advice from Red Nose (SIDS)
Coronavirus information from PANDA
Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak: Beyond Blue
Breastfeeding advice and COVID19
Coronavirus information From Raising Children Network
Affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) - Services Australia
Coronavirus Information from the Australian Department of Health
Supporting children through disasters: Sydney Children's Hospitals Network