HealthPathways is an on-line information portal to be used at the point of care for GPs but is also available to specialists, nurses and allied health providers on how to assess, manage and refer in a timely manner in the local context of available services. It is underpinned by evidence based practice.

HealthPathways is being developed by North Coast Primary Health Network in collaboration with Mid North Coast Local Health District and Northern NSW Local Health District.


For patients: more patients getting the right treatment or specialist care with less waiting and more educational resources.

For GPs: support with information on appropriate referral and pre-referral work up. Faster access for their patients. Educational resources.

For Specialists: improved quality referrals, more appropriate referrals, management of long waiting times with their inherent danger.

For LHDs: more appropriate use of LHD services (inpatient and outpatient and community services). A stronger primary care sector. Breakdown of barriers. LHD-ML collaboration. A community of health service reformers.

For NCPHN: stronger primary care, clinician engagement in finding system problems and opportunities, local adaptation of of evidence based health care. “My patient” becomes “our patient”. A community of health service reformers.

For further information on HealthPathways please contact:

Fiona Ryan

Project Officer HealthPathways

Phone 02 6583 3600