Crunch & Sip

Crunch&Sip® is a set break during the school day when students can eat fruit (or salad vegetables) and drink water in the classroom.

Whether the break is in the morning or the afternoon, the idea is to help kids to re-fuel and boost their physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.

Each day, students bring a piece of fruit (or salad vegetables) to school to eat in the classroom, usually at a set time. In addition, each child has a small, clear bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

Through Crunch&Sip®, schools can demonstrate their commitment to nutrition education in the classroom by making links with the curriculum and creating a supportive school environment.

Crunch&Sip® schools have a positive impact on students by:

  • creating an enjoyable daily routine that increases fruit and vegetables intake
  • promoting a positive attitude towards fruit, vegetables and water
  • incorporating nutrition education into key learning areas of the curriculum.

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