Paediatric Outpatient Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function who work in partnership with their patients, assisting them to overcome movement disorders, which may have been present from birth.

Services Include:

  • Plagiocephaly or torticollis
  • Gross motor developmental delay
  • Developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH – Pavlik harness)
  • Positional and structural deformities of the feet
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Toe walkers
  • In-toeing
  • Other variations to normal musculo-skeletal development.

Services available at these locations

Coffs Harbour

To refer to Physiotherapy Services at Coffs Harbour specify the service you require and mail or fax your referral to the following address:

Coffs Harbour Health Campus Physiotherapy Service
345 Pacific Highway
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Fax (02) 6656 7700

Referrals are triaged according to assessed urgency.

There is approximately a six month waiting time for non-urgent Paediatric conditions.

For further information please contact:

Phone (02) 6656 7700

Hours of operation 8am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday except public holidays.

Port Macquarie

Physiotherapy Department
Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Wrights Road
Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

Fax 02 5524‑2139

This service includes:

  • cerebral palsy
  • congenital positional and structural deformities of the feet
  • developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH – Pavlik harness)
  • gross motor developmental delay
  • in-toeing
  • plagiocephaly or torticollis
  • toe walkers.

Paediatric Early Start multidisciplinary Clinic

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology surveillance, and treatment if indicated for babies in first 12 months.

Criteria for Early Start

  • Identified syndrome e.g., Down syndrome
  • < 30 weeks and/or low birth weight < 1500g
  • Significant oxygen need
  • Low Apgar score at 1 minute, not recovered at 5 minutes
  • Neonatal withdrawal or history of drug or alcohol use
  • Congenital abnormalities e.g., cleft palate
  • Feeding problems e.g., attaching or sucking, gagging, tube-fed
  • Psycho-social issues e.g., mental health history and child protection issues.


  1. mail a referral letter to Physiotherapy Department PMBH, Wrights Road, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, or
  2. Include the following information:
    • the patient’s diagnosis and symptoms (particularly neurological).
    • how long they have had it
    • if it is affecting activities of daily living or if the patient is off work because of the injury.
  3. Referrals are triaged A, B or C according the injury and the time since the injury occurred. Patients who have received some other physiotherapy (e.g., EPC) are generally triaged as a C.
  4. For advice, email