Community Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services are provided for a range of conditions including:

  • Musculoskeletal (muscle/joint/bone) intervention
  • Pre and post natal care
  • Neurological (head injury/stroke/nerve damage) intervention
  • Cardiovascular & respiratory care
  • Urogenital (women’s health) intervention
  • Lymphodema management
  • Rehabilitation and geriatric care
  • Outpatient (general and rehabilitation) services
  • Inpatient (hospital) services
  • Community physiotherapy (including home visits if appropriate)
  • Hydrotherapy (water exercise)
  • Health promotion and group activities (e.g. programs for people with chronic respiratory and cardiac conditions)
  • Equipment prescription and fitting for walking aides (e.g. crutches).

Services available at these locations

Coffs Harbour

To refer to Physiotherapy Services at Coffs Harbour specify the service you require and mail or fax your referral to the following address:

Coffs Harbour Health Campus Physiotherapy Services
345 Pacific Highway
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Fax 02 6656 7700

Referrals are triaged according to assessed urgency.

For further information please contact:

Phone 02 6656 7700


8am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday except public holidays.



Dorrigo MPS (Multipurpose Service) Physiotherapy Department
Beech Street
Dorrigo NSW 2453

Phone 02 66927711

Fax 02 66927792


Physiotherapy Out-Patient Service (available 8.30am to 5pm, 4 days a week)

  • Pre and Post orthopaedic surgical rehabilitation and management (eg knee/hip replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, spinal surgery, surgically managed fractures)
  • Musculoskeletal injuries (eg muscle, bone and joint injuries, sporting injuries)
  • Chronic ‘pain management’ and rehabilitation (limited services)
  • Arthritis management
  • Hand therapy (including post op rehabilitation following fractures and tendon injuries)
  • Back and Neck pain, Headaches, Whiplash
  • Respiratory (acute and chronic conditions) eg Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COPD
  • Splinting (limited)
  • Plastering
  • Falls Assessment and prevention
  • Neurological conditions – Rehabilitation (limited)
  • Walking aid prescription and supply
  • Prescription and supply of various braces (ankle, knee, wrist, elbow)
  • Women’s Health and Pregnancy (pelvic pain, foot pain, back pain, pelvic floor). If problem is complex, referral to ‘women’s health physio’ if needed
  • Paediatric services (gross motor/developmental assessments, torticollis, toe walking, in-toeing, musculoskeletal concerns). As this is a limited service, consultation with or referral to Specialist Paediatric physiotherapists may result following initial consult.

Physiotherapy in-patient and A&E service

Dorrigo has 6 acute beds and an Emergency Department. The above services are also provided when an admission (into A&E or Acute Bed) is required due to any of the above.


A referral is required to utilise the physiotherapy services at Dorrigo Hospital. This can be from GP, Specialist, Community Nursing, Child Health Nurses, Allied Health , Hospital Medical or Nursing staff.

Clients must ring the physiotherapy department as soon as they have a referral so that they can be placed on the Waiting list.   Referrals can be faxed, handed in at the hospital reception or brought in by the client at their initial appointment.

Work Cover, DVA and Third Party clients can be referred to the Dorrigo Hospital physiotherapy department, but if the waiting list is long, they will be encouraged to seek Private Physiotherapy services.

Waiting List

All Urgent referrals will be prioritised over more chronic long term conditions. Hence clients who have chronic or non-urgent conditions may have to wait for up to three months for an appointment at busy times of the year. All attempts are made to see Urgent referrals within the week.

Port Macquarie

Senior Community Physiotherapist

Phone 02 5524 2161

We assist adult clients who would benefit from Physiotherapy intervention in their home, who are unable to attend an outpatient service, or require their intervention within their home environment for a specific reason. Our focus is to facilitate and maintain independence, client and carer safety and effective self-management. We refer to other Community services when needed, and loan equipment.

Services Offered

  • Rehabilitation or re-conditioning following an acute illness, surgery or injury to regain optimal levels of independence
  • Assessment and intervention of clients with age related conditions
  • Mobility assessments and aid prescription
  • Home based exercise programs for clients with COPD/Asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and neurological deficits
  • Chest physiotherapy for clients with pneumonia, infective exacerbations etc
  • Education and training in self-management principles of chronic diseases
  • Manual handling training, advice and education for clients, carers and care-providers
  • Ongoing assessment, intervention and monitoring throughout the disease progression for progressive conditions such as MND, MS etc.
  • Quality of life focused interventions and assessments for Palliative care clients
  • Falls prevention/risk assessment
  • Provision of the exercise component for the Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation programs run at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital; and provides Mild-Moderate Respiratory Exercise group at Camden Haven Community Health Centre.


Referral can be made by any Medical Officer, Health Professional or registered care provider. We also accept self-referrals in some circumstances on discussion with the Senior Community Physiotherapist.