Occupational Therapy Service (Aged Care)

Occupational Therapists assess clients in their own home and the community to determine their level of function and provide solutions and strategies to increase and maintain independence.

Reasons for referring to the Aged Care Occupational Therapy Service.

  • Recurrent falls or at high risk of falls
  • Pressure areas or high risk of pressure area development
  • Equipment
  • Home modifications
  • Energy Conservation / Activity Analysis
  • Cognitive decline affecting independence and ADL’s
  • Difficulties with ADL’s
  • Manual Handling Upper limb difficulties.

Criteria for Referral

  • Over 65 years of age or 50 years for ATSI
  • Over 50 years and have an age related or age limiting condition (i.e. MS, MND, Parkinson’s. young strokes, Huntington’s, dementia, severe arthritis, stable palliative)

Services available at these locations

Port Macquarie

Phone 02 6588 2875
Fax 02 6588 2881