Carer’s Program

The role is directed towards increasing support for carers, raising awareness of carers’ needs and changing attitudes towards carers within the health system.

Specific responsibilities of the Carer Support Officer include:

  • Providing a contact point for carers to obtain information
  • Developing a Carer Action Plan with appropriate links to corporate planning processes; & reports on progress of any strategies implemented
  • Consult other officers/ health professionals regarding carer issues
  • Liaise with Government agencies, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) & community groups regarding the needs of, & local services for carers
  • Working with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to promote and support carer initiatives, plus access to services and support for carers
  • Promoting carer issues and legislation in a positive way within the health system and in the wider community
  • Disseminate NSW Carers Program policy guidelines across the MNCLHD
  • Participate in workshops & other forums arranged by NSW Health Carer Program for the LHD Carer Programs across the state.

NB: This position does not receive referrals, as the role of the Carer Support Officer is primarily to initiate strategies to improve the responsiveness of the Local Health District to the needs of Carers.

Information booklet for Carers Information booklet for Carers

Criteria for referral

Anyone can phone for information. The position supports all carers, whether they are under Aged Care, Mental Health, Chronic Care, Disability or other services.

Carer Line 1800 242 636

Emergency and short term respite for Carers 1800 052 222


Services available at these locations

All Mid North Coast areas

Sandra Gray – Carer Support Officer

Phone 02 6656 7226