Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

What is ACAT?

ACAT undertakes a comprehensive assessment of care needs for older people needing access to Commonwealth funded residential and/or community care.

When do I need an ACAT assessment?

You will need an ACAT assessment and approval if you have complex aged care needs and want to:

You will need a Home Support Assessment if you have entry level aged care needs and want to access services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, such as meals or transport.

You won’t need a Home Support Assessment or an ACAT assessment for aged care services that are not subsidised by the Australian Government. For example, services offered by volunteer groups and charitable organisations.

Referral Criteria

  • Target group are older people, typically over the age of 65 or for indigenous Australians, people over the age of 50, or people who have an age related condition.

Services Offered

  • Undertakes assessment of older person seeking to access Commonwealth funded Aged Care services including Residential Care, Residential Respite Care, Transitional Aged Care, Home Care Packages and/or Short Term Restorative Care
  • Through specialist skills and knowledge of support services, the team will recommend services deemed to be the most appropriate to meet care needs at the time of assessment
  • The team will liaise with families/carers and health care providers with the client’s consent
  • The team recognises and gives due regard to the very significant role played by social factors in application for admission to residential care.

Referral Procedure:

  • The client, carer, family must be aware of and consent to the referral
  • All referrals are to be made via MyAgedCare
  • Referral is to identify reason for ACAT assessment

Telephone: 1800 200 422


Services available at these locations

Red Rock to Stuarts Point

For referral to this service please contact the Intake Officer on:

Phone 02 6656 7646
Fax 02 6656 7610

Stuarts Point to Laurieton

For referral to this service please contact the Intake Officer on:

Phone 02 6589 2260
Fax 02 5524 2256