North Coast Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Program

The North Coast Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Program provides health services in Mid North Coast (MNC) and Northern NSW (NNSW) Local Health Districts.

Under the Public Health Act  doctors are required to notify Tuberculosis (TB) to the Public Health Unit (PHU). The TB service is a clinical service accessed through our Public Health Unit which provides the provision of diagnostic and treatment services for persons with suspected or confirmed latent or active TB. A TB notification is preferred on a suspected or provisional clinical diagnosis.

TB services (sometimes known as chest clinics) are held on a regular basis in outpatients clinics at Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Lismore and Tweed Heads. For urgent TB matters TB services are provided at other times and at other sites.

An appointment is required for TB services at all sites. A doctor’s referral is not routinely required, and TB services are provided to people of all ages.

TB services provided include:

  • assessment of persons suspected of having TB
  • diagnostic and treatment services for latent  and active TB
  • free treatment of persons with TB disease
  • coordination of supported TB care and directly observed treatment
  • coordination of TB contact tracing and screening of contacts
  • free treatment and/or monitoring of persons with latent TB infection
  • TB screening- tuberculin skin testing (TST) and BCG vaccination
  • assessment, screening, and treatment of persons referred from the Commonwealth Health
  • onshore deferral, and health undertaking services (Department of Immigration)
  • Tuberculosis education.


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