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Your admission choices

If you have a Medicare card you can generally choose to be treated as a public or a private patient. To help you make an informed admission choice, read My Admission, My Choice, My Election.

  • you will be treated by doctors nominated by the hospital
  • you will not be charged for hospital accommodation, medical and diagnostic services, prostheses or other relevant services
  • your follow-up care when you leave hospital will usually be provided in an outpatient clinic of the hospital.
  • you can choose the specialist doctor who will treat you
  • you will be informed prior to making a choice, whether there will be any out-of-pocket expenses for hospital-generated accounts or doctor(s) fees
  • your specialist doctor will usually provide follow-up care in their private room after you leave hospital. As a private patient you may also be eligible to transfer to a private hospital for further treatment or for follow-up care.
  • you will have access to a single room if one is available and you have single room health cover.

For further information on the benefits of choosing to be a private patient read What it Means to be a Private Patient.

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