Wrapped with love: Quilters make a special donation

It’s been 12 months in the making, but Wauchope Patchwork Quilters’ latest donation to Wauchope District Memorial Hospital is likely to mean much more to palliative care patients and their families.

A dozen quilts were presented to the Palliative Care Unit today, handcrafted by the quilters and the majority made from fabric donated by the Birpai Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Land Council spokeswoman Marilyn O’Brien said the material, which featured designs by Aboriginal people, was donated to the Patchwork Quilters in the hope the finished covers would make personal, treasured gifts to palliative care patients.

Mrs O’Brien said she was delighted with the finished creations and hoped patients and their families would also be impressed.

Quilters spokeswoman Erica Taig said the group regularly made and donated charity quilts, but the latest collaboration with the Local Aboriginal Land Council had resulted in a very special gift.

“These quilts are beautifully handmade, as usual, but this is the first time we have used material designed in Australia by Aboriginal people,” Ms Taig said.

“It really has been a very labour-intensive project but one we were determined to complete.

“Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer. We wanted to do something to make the Palliative Care Unit a little more comfortable… perhaps not as clinical, for patients.

“The quilts give a very personal, homely touch to the rooms and we leave it to the family to decide what they want to do with the quilts… whether they stay at the unit or go home with family members.”

Palliative Care Unit Nurse Manager Mary Trotter said the quilts were a stunning addition to the patients’ rooms and thanked the group’s 60 members, as well as the Land Council, for the donation.

“The quilts really do transform the rooms,” Ms Trotter said.

“This really has been a labour of love… 12 months in the making, and will mean a lot to our patients and their loved ones.”

The quilters meet on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings at the Rotary Youth Hall in Oxley Lane.