Improve Your Heart Health With Heart Foundation Walking

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, winter can make it hard to get outside and get moving, but joining a Heart Foundation Walking group can provide the motivation you need to keep active.

Local Heart Foundation Walking Coordinator and Health Promotion Officer Yvonne Muyambi said it can sometimes be easy for people to use the winter weather as an excuse not to be active, but winter can actually present a great opportunity to be active in a milder climate.

“To beat the cold, wear layers you can peel off instead of a heavy jacket or jumper and wear a woolen hat and gloves which are warmer than acrylic or synthetic fibres,” Ms Muyambi said.

“Joining a Heart Foundation Walking group in your area can help you keep up your commitment to regular activity.”

“Walking on a regular basis also has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, while also helping to maintain a healthy weight and control diabetes.”

Heart Foundation Walking groups provide a free, safe and easy way to stay active in the colder months.

The Heart Foundation’s top five tips to keep you heart-healthy this winter are:
1. Rug up and go for a brisk walk with a friend or group
2. Make winter vegetables, grains and lean meats the heart of your meals
3. Consider activities you can do inside – visit a gym or dancing, if you have stairs walk up and down them, work out with a physical activity video or DVD, or even dance around the house
4. Enjoy winter soups full of vegetables, legumes and grains
5. Modify your favourite recipes – many only need small changes to make them healthier, like using lean meats and reduced fat dairy products

Heart Foundation Walking groups are coordinated locally by the Mid North Coast Local Health District and there are many groups walking in your area on every day of the week.

For more information about Heart Foundation Walking or to enquire about joining a local walking group contact Yvonne Muyambi (local Coordinator) on 0437 433 298 or visit