Three healthcare workers with information about advanced care planning

Extending an invitation to residents to visit the Advance Care Planning Week stall at Wauchope IGA are Aboriginal Health Worker Adrian Daley, CNE Jo Simiana and Palliative Care Acting Nurse Unit Manager Jodi Gallagher.

Palliative Care team hosts stall to talk about advance care plans

Mar 06, 2024

The Wauchope District Memorial Hospital Palliative Care Unit will host an information stall next week to raise awareness about advance care planning, an essential part of end-of-life care.

The initiative, supported by the Wauchope Hospital Volunteers, coincides with Advance Care Planning Week. The stall will be held at the IGA supermarket in Wauchope on Thursday, 14 March, from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Staff will be available to answer questions and provide information brochures about Advance Care Directives.

Acting Clinical Nurse Educator Palliative Care Joanne Simiana said the awareness campaign was the perfect opportunity for shoppers to visit the stall to find out what is involved in advance care planning and to share thoughts with loved ones about what is important to them regarding their future health care.

“We encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to engage in conversations about their healthcare preferences,” Ms Simiana said.

“By sharing what matters most to you, you empower yourself and your loved ones to make informed decisions about your care.”

The information stall will feature a range of resources, including brochures and handouts designed to facilitate conversations about advance care planning. Attendees will have the chance to interact with a dedicated team comprising Palliative Care social workers, Chaplains, Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE), and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) who will be on hand to provide guidance and support.

Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE) and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) will be on hand to provide guidance and support.

“We believe that open dialogue and proactive planning are essential components of quality palliative care,” Ms Simiana said.

“Through events like this, we hope to foster a culture of empowerment and mutual understanding within our community.”

For more information, or if you can’t be in Wauchope next Thursday, visit the Advance Care Planning website, or go straight to the relevant forms on the website.

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