Three medical professionals standing with a new piece of technology.

Urologist Dr Nadar Awad from the Jim Bruce Trust, Port Macquarie Base Hospital Clinical Nurse Specialist of Urology Sayad Rahamathulla, and Project Manager for District Surgical Services Belinda Garvey with the Chronos which will enable faster cleaning of the prostate cancer testing equipment.

Chronos donation means a timelier diagnosis for men

Jun 13, 2024

A new chapter for urology at Port Macquarie Base Hospital has begun thanks to the donation of a UV high-level disinfection unit from Device Technologies device called Chronos.

The Jim Bruce Trust donated just over $47,000 to enable the purchase. Chronos uses ultraviolet technology to process the probe used as part of the equipment required to biopsy for prostate cancer.

The delicate cleaning procedure normally takes two to three hours to complete. Thanks to Chronos, the equipment’s downtime will be significantly reduced – down to around 90 seconds.

The new technology means that it will support greater access for patients requiring the test.   Patients will be seen more quickly, enabling a timelier prostate cancer diagnosis.

“It has been a long road getting this across the line, and the hard work of Project Manager for District Surgical Services Belinda Garvey and Sayad Rahamathulla from PMBH CNS of Urology has been essential,” said Jim Bruce Trust Trustee and Urologist Dr Nader Awad.

Belinda Garvey said she was grateful to the supporters of the Trust who continue to improve urological health outcomes for the patients of the Mid North Coast.

“This is an exciting chapter for urology at Port Macquarie Base Hospital and men’s health within the district. We couldn’t have done it without the Jim Bruce Trust supporting this initiative,” said Belinda Garvey.

Belinda said it’s hoped Chronos will pave the way for similar ultraviolet technology to be available to other specialities across the district.

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