eight people standing against a teal-colour wall Two people are in scrubs; the remaining people in the middle are wearing orange shirts.

Volunteers Denise McNeill, Pauline Kelly, Lois Arthur, Suzie Nolan and Michelle Brown hand over the spirometer to Respiratory Medical Team members Nauman Ahmed (left) and Kieren Pedelty and Renee Yee (right).

Breathe easy: General Volunteers offer a helping hand to patients

Feb 20, 2024

The General Volunteers at Coffs Harbour Health Campus are the friendly faces visitors see on arrival at the hospital  –  often guiding people to their intended destination or giving them a lift in the Pink Buggy in the carpark.

They help with admin duties in various departments and wards as well as in the Transit Lounge, but they also support patients by donating hospital equipment.

The volunteers hold a couple of raffles each year, which this week culminated in a $4752 spirometer being donated to the Respiratory Medical Team.

The device tests lung function, helping clinicians to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other conditions that affect breathing.

“The Respiratory Team extends our sincere thanks for the unwavering support, collaboration, and dedication the Volunteers provide,” said Medical Administration Support Officer Kieren Pedelty.

“Together, we breathe life into exceptional patient care.

“Thank you!”

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