What to bring to hospital

  • Medicare card, hospital paperwork or Yellow card
  • your birth plan
  • comfy large T-shirt for labour or clothing you wish to wear during labour
  • snacks
  • TENs machine if you are planning on using one
  • socks/slip on shoes
  • hair brush and hair band
  • heat pack
  • toiletries and lip balm
  • music.
  • nursing bra
  • maternity sanitary pads
  • old or cheap underwear (so you can throw away if needed)
  • comfortable pyjamas that are easy to breastfeed in
  • loose and comfortable clothing
  • phone charger
  • change for the TV machine
  • personal comforts eg. your own pillow.
  • car seat
  • jumpsuits and singlets
  • baby muslin wraps
  • nappies and wipes
  • hats, socks, mittens and warm blanket for winter babies.
  • spare set of clothes (toothbrush/deodorant).  You may want to include swimwear or shorts in case your partner chooses to use shower/bath
  • camera/phone/charger
  • snacks and drinks
  • money for parking/vending machines.

A birth plan is a written list or summary of your wishes for your labour and the birth of your baby. It lets the hospital staff know about your preferences for when you are in labour. This is a time when you need to be focusing on you, and you may not want to discuss your wishes in detail. Because you can’t control every aspect of labour and birth it’s a good idea to be involved in your planning, just in case things don’t progress as you planned.

There are no rules for a birth plan, but things you could consider are:

  • what you are hoping to avoid
  • support people you would like present
  • how you would like to be supported through labour
  • when and who you would like to know about your progress and birth
  • third stage – do you want oxytocin after birth? Would you like to keep or see your placenta?
  • who you would like to cut the baby’s umbilical cord
  • how you plan on feeding your baby
  • your thoughts about Vitamin K (Konakion) and hepatitis B immunisation
  • any special needs/request.
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